Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Angel Light Video Part 4

I'm thinking that the painting is done!

Here's the last installment of time-lapse videos.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Angel Light Time Lapse Video 3

My process is interrupted not just by the children, but my own mistakes and changes that I want to do to the painting.  The shoulders are going up and down according to what might look alright.  Then again, they are going to be completely covered by the hair (oh, I cannot WAIT to do the hair, but it always has to go last.)
The right wing went from yech to yay and the globe candle light thingy keeps transforming.  At the moment, I'm focusing on making the globe look like a marble I once painted, only with a candle on the inside.  (This was after the a few criticisms that the globe was appearing to look a little too much like Sauron's eye.)

What went unfilmed was last night's surprise session.  My husband was with the kids and I made a general gold glow over her shoulders and wings and turned the shadows upside-down.  I was loathe to do so, since I didn't want her nose to look too upturned, but I think that it came out well.

Next on the list is the right hand, the clothing, and then finally...oh joy of joys!...the hair!  Also probably a few more touch ups on the face, but that's never done until I hand the painting over.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


After uploading the last two time lapse videos, YouTube suggested some other ones to me which ended up being mightily helpful! When designing the background of "Angel Light," I threw in some stars, which can be tedious when each is individually painted.
Rather like the tree I did for a dear friend.

I watched a few different styles of splattered stars and thought that I'd try it on a different canvas before tackling, and potentially messing up "Angel Light."

First I covered the whole thing (even the gallery wrapped edges) with black gesso. Then I marked with partially transparent blues and purples where I wanted my sky and water. Then I SPLATTERED!!!!  This involved a two inch brush, white acrylic paint, and my fingers ruffling the brush like a a deck of cards. Fun!

Here's a video time lapse of the finishing touches. The clouds were just too bright and, since this was a gift for my handsome hubby, I put in the silhouette of a dragon.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Angel Light Time Lapse Video 2

Here's the latest two sessions.

Session 3 focused intensely on the left wing.  I find faces so much more fun to paint than anything else, so I have to work hard to not fudge the other important details of the painting.

The next session will be the right hand wing and then probably the clothing, working from the background of the figure to the foreground.

Then will be the hands and globe light and last will be the upper background, which will be dictated by how the light ends up working.


Monday, June 22, 2015

Comic Hiatus

Sorry, folks, but Lucy is taking a break as I work on some commissions.
But never fear!  I will post updates.

Here we have the blurry (sorry again) before and during pictures of commission number one.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Swimsuit Season

The struggle was real.  Now I'm just happy to fit into my clothes that are B.C.
Before Children.