Thursday, June 25, 2015


After uploading the last two time lapse videos, YouTube suggested some other ones to me which ended up being mightily helpful! When designing the background of "Angel Light," I threw in some stars, which can be tedious when each is individually painted.
Rather like the tree I did for a dear friend.

I watched a few different styles of splattered stars and thought that I'd try it on a different canvas before tackling, and potentially messing up "Angel Light."

First I covered the whole thing (even the gallery wrapped edges) with black gesso. Then I marked with partially transparent blues and purples where I wanted my sky and water. Then I SPLATTERED!!!!  This involved a two inch brush, white acrylic paint, and my fingers ruffling the brush like a a deck of cards. Fun!

Here's a video time lapse of the finishing touches. The clouds were just too bright and, since this was a gift for my handsome hubby, I put in the silhouette of a dragon.